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                             NOELLE LORRAINE WILLIAMS

Noelle Lorraine Williams is an artist whose life's work exemplifies her continued interest in engaging people in conversations using art, history and contemporary culture, as well as writing about the ongoing spiritual crisis in the United States.

"Another Newark' Threatened Here

Sizes Variable 


Mixed Media Photo Collage

Combining two different news moments, the first a headline from the Durham Morning Herald warning its residents that "Another Newark" Threatened Here following the Newark riots/rebellion in 1967.  This is noteworthy to me because we see as early as only a few months after the Newark rebellion the beginning of a national branding of Newark as a site and example for Black revolt.

The second image is an image from 1978 depicting Muslims gathering in Weequahic Park in Newark.

Both images serve as conversation to me of what Newark is prioritized for its national image.  Why are the spiritual practices that Blacks embody and create not seen as a part of what Newark is?

Who does this serve?