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                             NOELLE LORRAINE WILLIAMS

Noelle Lorraine Williams is an artist whose life's work exemplifies her continued interest in engaging people in conversations using art, history and contemporary culture, as well as writing about the ongoing spiritual crisis in the United States.

Irving Berlin_Scott Joplin

Genocidal Music Remix

Digital Reconstruction


Noelle Lorraine Williams

Irving Berlin was often accused of having "a little nigger boy in the closet"  or of having stolen his songs from an African American musician, or even the notable father of ragtime Scott Joplin.

His retort to these claims was "With "Alexander," he said, "someone started the report that I had paid a Negro 10 dollars for it and then published it under my own name. "I asked them to tell me from whom I had bought my [previous] successes - 25 or 30 of them. Then I told them if they could produce the Negro and he had another hit like 'Alexander' in his system, I would choke it out of him and give him $20,000 in the bargain.

- Noelle Lorraine Williams

Original image of Irving Berlin