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                             NOELLE LORRAINE WILLIAMS

Noelle Lorraine Williams is an artist whose life's work exemplifies her continued interest in engaging people in conversations using art, history and contemporary culture, as well as writing about the ongoing spiritual crisis in the United States.

Where is everyone?

Ever since I was younger, I’ve loved and wanted more from the streets.  The woman in these photographs is my character Mala (Spanish translation bad or rotten) named that because she defies the notions of how her most intimate and larger community feels that she should be as black, woman, poor.  In this piece Mala 40 years after the Newark rebellion an activist comes to life, awakens to see that all that she has known is now abandoned, left, gone to ruin, the environment is indeed, mala.  Much like my own 7 year old self that wondered why did I live in the land of the failed projects of the 60s and 70s, overrun community gardens, dilapidated buildings, grown-ups who were just trying to sleep and profoundly beautiful intoxicants.

Journeying through dried poppies, abandoned streets, unable to stay awake she walks back to see the image that perhaps made her fall asleep.  Isolation Refreshed is a neo - meditation on emotions, postindustrial, post-riot, post American Dream spaces.  

Isolation Refreshed

Concept and Editing: Noelle Lorraine Williams
Photography and Technical Editing: Stafford Woods