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                             NOELLE LORRAINE WILLIAMS

Noelle Lorraine Williams is an artist whose life's work exemplifies her continued interest in engaging people in conversations using art, history and contemporary culture, as well as writing about the ongoing spiritual crisis in the United States.

Queen Latifah_ Marcus Garvey

Digital Reconstruction


Noelle Lorraine Williams

While researching an  essay and project piece on Newark, New Jersey women Hip Hop artists: Queen Latifah, Rah Digga and Lauryn Hill I realized that the outfit that Queen Latifah wore for her debut album "All Hail the Queen" was styled after a press photo of Marcus Garvey.

This combined with a lyric that was similar to one in her song "Dance for me" " One try, one God, and one destiny" with the Marcus Garvey's UNIA motto "One God! One aim! One destiny!"  helped me to solidify the connection between Newark or early Hip Hop and spiritual/social justice metaphors and archetypes.

- Noelle Lorraine Williams

Press image Marcus Garvey, UNIA 1914

Press image Queen Latifah, Tommy Boy Records, 1989/1991