“Abolitionists were the intellectual and political precursors of twentieth-century anticolonial and civil rights activists, debating the nature of society and politics, the relationship between racial inequality and democracy, nation and empire, labor and capital, gender and citizenship’."

- Manisha Sinha



Frederick Douglass Alumni Field Renaming

Press Release: 

https://www.newark.rutgers.edu/ne ws/rutgers-newark-names-athletic-field-honor-frederick-douglass 

19th Annual Graduate Association  for African American History

Conference Paper: Black Power! Newark's First African American Rebellion


Advisory Board Meeting, Rutgers -Newark,

Presentation Frederick Douglass Field History Overview

Black Portraiture Conference Paper:

Who Own's Black Music's Spirit? Irving Berlin's Funny Niggers


Traveling Exhibition

Black Power! 19th Century: Newark's First African American American Rebellion 

What are Black Abolitionists?


Noelle Lorraine Williams

Newark, NJ

Storytelling through images and words the story of Black Power in the nineteenth century Newark.

​​Instagram: @black_abolitionists_newark