Sweet Chariot  conceived and directed for Monument Lab by Marissa Williamson.

(Dance choreography and bird headdress created by Noelle Lorraine Williams)

VIEW at https://vimeo.com/233118299   

Sweet Chariot  is a video scavenger hunt through the city of Philadelphia. Use the Sweet Chariot App and Map to uncover hidden stories of the African American struggle for



Newark's Hip Hop Spiritual Rebellion (Tomboy) after being teased for being a tomboy a young girl powerfully reclaims her identity, spiritual power and renames herself. A historical piece set in Newark, NJ USA her renaming is set within the context of a Black spiritual rebellion in the city that would give birth to Hip Hop Spiritual Rebellion.

1) Congo Square Sweet Chariot Collaboration

2) Newark's Hip Hop Spiritual Rebellion

3) Funny Niggers (To be uploaded)